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  • Life is not over because you have diabetes. Make the most of what you have, be grateful.  - Dale Evans

    Diabetes is a rockable condition. Finding out you have diabetes doesn’t have to make your life harder. In fact, it can actually make your life easier since all the painful or annoying symptoms you may have been experiencing finally have a name and treatments you can use. It also helps you take steps to protect yourself against future complications. Armed with information and products designed to help with diabetes, you can rock your diabetes and live a healthy, happy life.

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  • Testing your glucose levels can become a routine you hardly even need to think about. Rock Your Diabetes has easy to use glucose meters that will only take you a minute to use. You can even sync some of them up with your phone to help you keep tabs on all your past readings. Whether you control your diabetes with diet and exercise alone, oral meds, or insulin injections, keeping track of your glucose is the first step that helps keep you on top of things.

    Even if you’re using meds or insulin, diet and exercise shouldn’t fall by the wayside. Luscious vegetables are always a treat, but check out the diabetic recipe books at Rock Your Diabetes to find even more mouthwatering dishes to try. At home exercise equipment like leg weights are available as well as other useful items like compression socks, TENS Units, insulin cases, and diabetic shoes. Make sure to talk to your doctor to help you decide what combination of things is going to best help you rock your life, diabetes or no.

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