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    One of the symptoms of diabetes is poor blood circulation. The diabetes causes blood vessels to narrow and harden so that blood can’t get around your body as easily. It’s the parts of the body furthest away from your heart, your hands and feet, that you’ll want to protect more. Lack of circulation can also cut off blood flow to soft tissues which is what results in calluses and ulcers. We know this sounds a little scary, but don’t worry! There are things you can do to protect yourself and rock your feet and hands.

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  • Exercising will help improve your circulation, but there are also some products you can try. Diabetic shoes and slippers are specially designed to be gentle on feet that don’t have much feeling or have bad circulation. Pressure can cause problems more easily for people with diabetes, so diabetic shoes are designed to relieve points of pressure. They also have covered seams that may otherwise rub and irritate your skin if they weren’t covered. Compression socks and gloves are something else you should consider to improve your circulation.

    Being diabetic means that you could suffer from hypoglycemic periods that can cause seizures or unconsciousness. Ideally you’ll be able to control your glucose and it won’t get that far, but if not, you want to be prepared. Medical alert tags and jewelry indicate to others your condition and can allow you to contact help immediately. Browse Rock Your Diabetes for other things you might find useful like TENS Units, travel cases, and replacement test strips.

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