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    While oral medication and insulin are a good line of defense against diabetes, it all starts with your diet and exercise. The right diet and exercise can put off the day when you have to remember to take a pill every day or get injections. Diabetes, especially type 2, can often come with things like high cholesterol or high blood pressure. Being on top of your food and exercise is a great way to combat all of these conditions.

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  • Foods have different things in them such as carbohydrates versus proteins versus fruits and vegetables. The ingredients in different types of foods will affect your blood sugar, so choosing the right foods helps a lot. Carbohydrates, for instance, break down into sugar, so it’s better to eat whole grains other than wheat, if you can. Vegetables are always a great choice, but you don’t want extra sodium or butter. Find recipe books here that will assist you in making tasty meals that will help control your diabetes. You can also try a pre-packaged food delivery service to make things easier.

    Exercising lets the insulin in your blood use glucose for muscles rather than fat. Muscles are better at using glucose than fat is, so your body will be able to regulate your glucose levels better if you exercise. Different types and intensities of exercise will affect your body differently, so try things like swimming, bike riding, lifting light hand weights, stretching, or other activities to see how they change your glucose levels. Various equipment you might need for exercise is at Rock Your Diabetes like leg weights, dumbbells, and stationary bikes.

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